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The Study of Graphene Sheet Photoconductivity and Surface Plasmons for Terahertz Emission

Graphene is known to the scientists as the one-atom-thick material, the thinnest exotic material ever found! It composes of a hexagonal lattice of carbon atoms expanding in a two-dimensional plane. Each carbon atom forms sigma bond (s-bond) of the sp2 hybridization among the other three, thus promoting one free electron in the conduction band. This electron behaves like a massless relativistic particle with linear energy-momentum relation, which results in high electron mobility ... Read more

Theoretical Investigation of Color Alterations in Ruby and Spinel due to Nitrogen and Oxygen Ion Bombardment

Thailand has enjoyed a unique position as the world’s major ruby export and ruby enhancement hub. Revenue from gemology industry has continued to grow albeit a general decline in economy. Currently it is second only to the automobile industry in terms of GDP. Thai rubies, also known as “Tubtim Siam,” are known for their vibrant blood-red color and are the benchmark of high-quality rubies. ... Read more


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