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Optical Atomic Clock as Thailand's Frequency Standard

Back in the old days, humans used simple observations of natural phenomena to tell time. For example, the movement of the Sun is used to tell the time in the day, and the positions of constellations are used to time the time in the year. It did not take to long for us to realize that those methods are probably not very accurate. ... Read more

Terahertz/Mid-infrared Free-electron Laser Based on Linear Accelerator

Nowadays, infrared radiation is widely used in many fields such as chemistry, biology, materials science, agriculture, food industry and medical applications. The infrared radiation can be categorized into 3 frequency regimes: near infrared (NIR), mid infrared (MIR) and far infrared (FIR). The most popular regimes for applications are the MIR radiation with wavelengths of 2 – 30 micron and the FIR radiation including terahertz (THz) radiation with wavelengths of 0.03 - 3 mm. ... Read more


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