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The application of nuclear and particle physics knowledge in the development of sensor technology for cancer treatment using hadrons

Cancer is abnormal cells that grow and kill the healthy cells inside our bodies. Cancer cells are very aggressive and difficult to treat, that is why it is the leading cause of death in Thailand and the world. There are several methods to treat cancer patients. Surgery is a primary method to cure cancer patients by removing the cancer cells from the infected tissue to prevent further progression. Chemotherapy is a cancer treatment using an anti-cancer drug to treat and kill cancer cells. Besides killing the specific cancer cells, the chemotherapy drug could also affect the normal cells ... Read more

Anti-oxidation properties of Nitride Hard Coating

For many decades, the materials, devices, or work pieces’ coatings have been interesting and favorite. The objective of coatings was to increase the tribology properties of the substrate’s surface. The coating will perform as the protective layer of the material or work piece substrate, resulting in research and development of the coating layer and methods for fabricating various types of coating to be applied in the industry. ... Read more


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