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Exploration of Novel Quantum States in Transition-Metal Dichalcogenides and Oxides for New-Generation-Electronics Development

After graphene was discovered in 2005 [1], there has been a number of studies on layered compounds, two-dimensional materials and other graphene-related materials, searching for new applications beyond the conventional ones. Theses materials possess unique quantum properties such as topological states and spin-valley coupling which can not be observed in bulk materials. ... Read more


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Development of Plasma Pyrolysis-Gasification for Disposal of Medical Waste

“Nakhon Si Thammarat people are frightened, someone illegally discarded infected waste” was the headline of the Daily News newspaper on May 4, 2015 [1]. It reflects the serious problems of Thai society in the incorrectl disposal of infectious waste. Due to many limitations such as hospital liability weakness of law enforcement, lack of awareness of social problems, not enough waste incinerator and lacking appropriate technology, etc. Infected waste is waste generated from hospitals and health science research centers. Currently, Thailand has a hospital which consists of hospitals, public health center, community health centers, both public and private clinics. ... Read more





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