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Graphene-based Plasmonic Device As an X-ray Free-electron Laser

The development of free-electron-based light sources has long been a subject of widespread interest owing to the fact that the wavelength of generated light can be tuned continuously from the long-wavelength range (microwaves and infrared) to the visible range and all the way to the short-wavelength range (ultraviolet and X-rays). However, the disadvantage of such a light source is its large size and high cost. ... Read more

Theoretical Investigation of Color Alterations in Ruby and Spinel due to Nitrogen and Oxygen Ion Bombardment

Thailand has enjoyed a unique position as the world’s major ruby export and ruby enhancement hub. Revenue from gemology industry has continued to grow albeit a general decline in economy. Currently it is second only to the automobile industry in terms of GDP. Thai rubies, also known as “Tubtim Siam,” are known for their vibrant blood-red color and are the benchmark of high-quality rubies. ... Read more


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