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Fabricating P-Type Semiconductors for Perovskite Solar Cell Application

Hybrid inorganic-organic (MAPbI3) or pure inorganic (CsSnI3 or CsPbI3) are intensively used for fabricating the perovskite solar cell because of its high efficiency and simple fabrication process. In this work, we are interested on using inorganic CsSnxPb1-xI3 films as the p-type transporting layer in the solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells (S-DSSCs). This is because the inorganic CsSnxPb1-xI3 perovskite film is the non-volatile and has the simple preparing process. Interesting, the efficiency of CsSnI3 based S-DSSCs has been reported to be very high of ~10.2% [1]. ... Read more


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