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Graphene-based Plasmonic Device As an X-ray Free-electron Laser

The development of free-electron-based light sources has long been a subject of widespread interest owing to the fact that the wavelength of generated light can be tuned continuously from the long-wavelength range (microwaves and infrared) to the visible range and all the way to the short-wavelength range (ultraviolet and X-rays). However, the disadvantage of such a light source is its large size and high cost. ... Read more

The Study of Graphene Sheet Photoconductivity and Surface Plasmons for Terahertz Emission

Graphene is known to the scientists as the one-atom-thick material, the thinnest exotic material ever found! It composes of a hexagonal lattice of carbon atoms expanding in a two-dimensional plane. Each carbon atom forms sigma bond (s-bond) of the sp2 hybridization among the other three, thus promoting one free electron in the conduction band. This electron behaves like a massless relativistic particle with linear energy-momentum relation, which results in high electron mobility ... Read more


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