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The Fundamental Mechanism Study of IR and THz Nanostructure Lasers for National Security Application

Since in the recent years the threat from terrorism in Thailand have been increasing, especially, in the southern area of Thailand. That threat for example: bombs, explosions hidden in the vehicle, explosive substance etc. harmed the lives of officers operating at that area and also local people. The most important cause of these losses is the lack of detection technology at the distance. ... Read more


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Molecular Mechanism of Forkhead Box M1 Inhibition by Thiostrepton in Breast Cancer Cells

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among women around the world. In 2012, there are 240,000 new cases of breast cancer and around 110,000 deaths in Southeast Asian, reported by World Health Organization: WHO [1]. According to the hospital based cancer registry of Thailand, the number of new patients with breast cancer is around 926 in 2018, and it is higher than it was in 2000 by 17%. ... Read more


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