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Title Author(s) Journal Year Impact factor
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RF study and 3-D simulations of a side-coupling thermionic RF-gun S. Rimjaem, K. Kusoljariyakul , C. Thongbai Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, Volume 736, page 10-21 2014 1.316 (2013)
Evidence for middle triassic to miocene dual subduction zones beneath the Shan–Thai terrane, western Thailand from magnetotelluric data S. Boonchaisuk, W. Siripunvaraporn, and Y. Ogawa Gondwana Research, Volume 23, page 1607-1616 2013 6.659 (2012)
Model of the field line random walk evolution and approach to asymptotic diffusion in magnetic turbulence A. P. Snodin, D. Ruffolo, and W. H. Matthaeus Astrophysical Journal , Volume 762, page 012308 2013 6.024 (2012)
Theoretical study of strained porous graphene structures and their gas separation properties S. Jungthawan, P. Reunchan, and S. Limpijumnong Carbon, Volume 54, page 259-364 2013 5.378 (2012)